WORKSHOP VI > Precarious labourers

For our last workshop we were joined by yet another group of interesting men and women: all teachers that fall into the precarious labour category. To sum this category up: no security, high income taxes, no rights. More than any of the other groups we worked with, these people experience the effects and impact of the financial crisis in their daily lives. Maybe because of that the results from this last workshop were very interesting and with a lot of real life potential. All kinds of proposals that are easy to implement and just asking for a change of perspective and use. For instance: a self-organised repair centre, a more flexible use of buildings; functioning for instance as a school during the day and as a place to host and experience cultural events at night, and a centre for volunteers. Check out the poster to see all the other great things they came up with!

IMG_3226 IMG_3236 IMG_3245 IMG_3253

Atividades culturais



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