Statistics and graphs

Below you will find the results of the online questionnaire that we conducted. In total about 500 people participated in a time span of little over a month. We shared the preliminary results of this survey before every workshop we did. Please take your time to analyse the results yourself and let us know what you think, what your conclusions are. Here are some of the things we noticed:

  •  More than 60% of the participants say their salaries decreased over the last year. 40% percent declared to work over 40 hours per week and almost 30% works at more than one job.
  • Almost 45% of the people stated that they started preparing simpler meals. Do people get all the nutrition they need? On the other side 20% of the participants started to grow their own food to save money, making themselves more independent from the big corporations.
  • Almost 60% of the respondents stopped visiting paid cultural activities. We think this is problematic, because we think creativity is a necessity for personal development and to come up with original ways to deal with problems.
  • Over 45% of the participants no longer make use of public healthcare. Through their comments, we understood that public healthcare nowadays is oftentimes more expensive than a private clinic. This is a symptom of a failing system.
  • Another symptom: We were surprised to find out that only 20% had started to go to their work by public transport instead of their own car. Again through the comments we understood that public transport is more expensive than driving a car.
  • Much to our shock 20% of the respondents declared they were forced to quit their education because of a lack of money. So much potential we are not tapping into… A failing system.

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