Museu da Crise in Guimarães II

MC 2013 01

Museu da Crise was once again a guest in Guimarães [PT] between June 19th and 22ndas part of ‘A Festa dos Dias Cheios’, organised by the Educational Services of Guimarães 2012. We were located in one of the empty shops that have been turned into ateliers right across the square from the Plataforma das Artes e da Criatividade. Next to a screening of the film and an ongoing open atelier / exhibition, we hosted two workshops in which we asked the participants to design easy, low cost and sustainable ways to embed alternative economies into the urban infrastructure, the hardware of the city, in order to make it within reach and open for all. The first workshop was with the creative industries also located at the square and the second with members of the local Ecology Association. See the accompanying images for some of the results. A number of the designs will be executed in Lisbon later this year during the Architecture Triennial which Museu da Crise will participate in! More about that exciting news soon…

MC 2013 08 MC 2013 07 MC 2013 05 MC 2013 04 MC 2013 03 P1050725


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