Cha(LLE)nge: Keeping our promise…

jogo MM

During our participation in AJUDADA we created a card came called ‘O Muda Mentes’. It is a variation of the well-known game of quartets and an attempt to cha(lle)nge the stories we are being told – and tell – about why society is organised the way it is. ‘The free market is the most efficient way to structure society.’ ‘If products are for free, people won’t understand the value.’ ‘How else? There is no alternative!’ And so on…

The game has seven quartets that illustrate alternative ways of organising our basic needs such as food, shelter and energy as a community. These are simply too important to be left to the whim of the market. We promised we would make a DIY version available, so here it is! You can simply download the PDF file, print it out and start playing. We also included a nice little box with instructions. The game currently has seven quartets, but it requires eight, so we left one quartet blank for players to fill in. Please email us your suggestions!


Oh and here’s another promise: the game will soon be available in English as well.


Download the PDF here!



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