The Alternative Communication Department is open!

On Saturday September 28 we invited three totally different people that are taking action in their own way: Paula Policarpo from Zero Desperdicio ( was there, Martha Dinis who has mastered Chinese medicine and provides her services in exchange for what people can give or offer ( and Rodrigo Melo, a mechanical engineer who turns normal bikes into electrical ones ( We had a very interesting talk with them about amongst others what it takes to become active, how to organise yourself and civic responsibilities.

In addition we presented a poster that maps a broad selection of initiatives in the greater Lisbon area that are taking action and changing minds and mentalities. The poster presented is version #1.0. We invite everybody to download it from our website and to email us suggestions for other initiatives to include in the next version of the map. You are of course also very much invited to come over to our space at @LXFactory to white your suggestions directly on the map yourself! Others have done it before you 😉

Download the poster here.

P1060245 (1)

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 6.27.23 PM


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