More emigrants than newborns in 2012

29/10/2013 in Público

In one year, more than 120.000 Portuguese left the country. “These are numbers of a magnitude that throw us back into the 60s.” Demographers warn: the future of the country is in question.

As a result of a negative natural growth and a migration growth, the Portuguese population declines again, according to the Demographic Statistics 2012 published on Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). On the one hand, there were less than 90 thousand births; on the other there were about 121 thousand temporary and permanent emigrants.

Confirming the predictions and the trend of recent years, births fell again, but this time marked a record by staying under 90 thousand (89 841). There were 7.2% less than in 2011, when it recorded 96.856 births, representing a break at that time compared to the previous year, when descending below 100 thousand.

As for the number of deaths, there were 107.612 in 2012, an increase of 4.6%. “We conclude that natural growth was therefore negative: there were 17,771 more deaths than births, a difference three times above what we had seen in 2011.”


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