Every day 21 families fail to pay their loans to the banks

14/2/2013 in ionline

At the end of 2012, over 121 thousand individuals failed to pay back their loans which amounts to thousands Euros.

According to the data from the Central Credit Register, released yesterday by the Bank of Portugal, in total there are now 679,134 families with delayed loans, this is 15.1% out of all Portuguese families with loans.

In housing alone, 146,225 homes are failing to reach their payments, more than 6350 cases than in December 2011. Among all segments of credit, housing is the one that records the percentage of borrowers with lower credit problems. Even with a tight monthly budget, housing is the first commitment of the families.

In the consumption, the failure quadruples. Nearly 620,000 families are failing to pay back their loans, from which more than 9100 went into bankrupcy last year. Among the individual entrepreneurs, the number of failures fell slightly last year. Still, more than 30.7%, or 122,111 entrepreneurs, do not fulfil their obligations to the banks.



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